What is this place?

This website is an online store selling furry-related digital materials, such as comics and artworks. You can buy whatever you want, pay with Bitcoins, and enjoy your goods within minutes without having to leave your computer.

I want to buy something, how do I create an account?

If you have a Google Account, you don't need any other account. If you don't, well, you need that one. Generally, we don't require any special accounts to let you purchase anything, we are keeping it simple. We let Google handle your data safely and just tell us we are good to give you stuff.

What are those Bitcoins you speak of?

You ought to check out this website. Basically, Bitcoins are a new kind of digital currency that has many neat features. Their most important feature is that they are like real cash - you can pay directly to someone, and you control exactly how much money you give (no chargebacks, no hidden costs, no tricks). To learn how to quickly use Bitcoins, read this guide.

Why do you use Bitcoins and not some other form of payment?

There are a number of reasons why we chose to use Bitcoins.
Most importantly - a lot of payment processors are not okay with some content we wish to sell (adult themes are bad), so we can't use them.
Secondly, we wish to be able to sell to anyone anywhere, and dealing with international transactions can be a hassle. Similarly, we want to be able to put up content from anyone in the world, and such global money transfers are very expensive and cumbersome.
Thirdly, nobody wants to risk getting their credit card or other information stolen, and with Bitcoin you don't need to trust us with any personal informations. We value your privacy and your money, and we don't want you to risk losing either.
Lastly, we believe that Bitcoin is the way of the future and wish to support the project by participating in it.

Where can I get me some Bitcoins?

You can buy Bitcoins in a variety of online exchanges, stores, or even at your nearest 7-11. For a complete list, please visit this page. Or, if you just want the easy way, check out either BitInstant or through My Wallet. Those should be a good start.
When in doubt, read this guide.

How do I pay for my purchases?

First you need to get yourself some Bitcoins (see above). When you have them in your Bitcoin Wallet, you proceed to the checkout like you would in any Internet store. At the end of the transaction, you will get a special Bitcoin Address that you need to send the money to (we also provide a handy link to do most of the work for you). After you do that, you click on the button provided to let us know that you are done. We will then check our server for your transfer, and if everything goes okay we will send you to a page where you will be able to download your purchases from. If by chance we don't receive your payment, we will keep checking periodically until everything clears itself out.

Why are there two different prices listed everywhere? What are USD eq.?

Bitcoins are still a new thing and their value tends to fluctuate. In order to keep from having to change the prices all the time or overpricing you when the Bitcoins appreciate in value, all the prices have a set price equivalent in USD. This makes sure everything is rather stable. When you decide to purchase something, we take the average exchange rate for Bitcoins and calculate the final price. In the end you always pay in Bitcoins, but the price is set in USD equivalent.

You are providing DRM materials? What stops me from just pirating it?

Nothing really. We know that piracy is very convenient and offers a competetive price (can't really beat free, now can we?), but in the end it's not really about that, now is it? Our materials are DRM free, because we know DRM doesn't work and just hinders honest people. This website is a means of telling the artist you love that you care about their work and wish for them to do more. If you like a comic but decide to pirate it, its creator might not make another one. If you buy it, you're giving incentives for producing more. We are just doing our best to be as convenient for you as possible, so you will choose us instead of piracy and support the artists.

I'm curious to know how much of my money goes to the authors of the works I purchase?

Each time you buy through our store, we pay the authors of the works 70% of the final price. We cover all the fees and expenses from the remaining 30%. We do our best to pay out all the earnings each day, so your favourite artist should receive their share of what you pay the following day.

Why are "cat" and "feline" listed as separate species?

We understand that some people like very specific species of animals, be they lions, tigers or the like, while other people enjoy entire families of species, like felines, canines and so forth. We chose to cater to both groups, so a specific species name will refer in most cases to a given species, while a family name - to all species being part of that family.

Hey, I'm an artist and I wish to sell stuff here, what do I need to do?

Please contact us (see below) and we can discuss the details. Generally, if your work is fully finished, it shouldn't take long before you can start selling it here.

What type of work can be sold through this website?

Generally, if it is a file, we can technically put it up. However, there are some restrictions:
If the content would go against Google App Engine's Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policies, we will not host it, period.
If the content could be considered inappropriate by the majority of the furry community, we will not host it.
If the work is not furry-related, we probably will not host it (but there's more leeway than in the first two points).

Hey, I want to talk with you about something, how can I contact you?

You can send us a message on Fur Affinity, the forums, or just by email.